Our Vision

The RBCares vision is to provide quality support, connection and care to those in our local community through the equipping, training and resourcing of volunteers and the Wellington Care Centre, built and provided in good faith by the people of Rowville Baptist Church.

Our Story

RBCares was established in 2009 by Rowville Baptist Church to oversee the programs operating out of the Wellington Care Centre and other community activities. Over the years the initiatives we have supported include: Professional Counselling at the Wellington Care Centre, Food with Friends, Emergency Food Relief, ‘The Well’ morning tea, the Christmas Lunch and more.   Currently the Wellington Care Centre runs a Community Food Relief Program and ‘The Well’ a community morning tea.

Our primary focus is to provide vision, support and resources to enable the Wellington Care Centre and other community initiatives to operate with confidence. We manage the finances, volunteers, compliance and navigate any issues as they arise surrounding those community initiatives.